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We focus our services to Businesses, CPA/Lawyers​, Other Consultants who need to outsource the specialty and Law enforcement (for fraud / financial litigation).


Our approach to valuation services is to adhere the highest standards; this means an objective, rational, thorough analysis and valuation that you can rely on for purchase or sales transaction, strategic planning, fair value, or regulatory compliance.

Litigation Support

Our team has real world business experience enabling us to better analyze and apply financial issues to legal cases. We work with legal counsel and their clients, be they corporations or individuals, in order to examine and present the facts of the case to courts, arbitrators, or other stakeholders. 

Financial Forensics

Five percent of US GDP is lost as a result of fraud. We are ready to provide financial and forensic investigations to uncover cases of fraud and dishonest schemes by means of data collection and analyses, as well as investigative interviews. We then report our findings to our clients to enable the recovery or pursuit of those responsible.


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